Please read the following terms before sending me your watch.

I do not buy or sell counterfeit products.

***Not affiliated with Rolex Watch, U.S.A., Inc***


  1. The price I quote is just an estimate.
  2. I don't source parts, customers is responsible to do reaserch and to source whatever they want me to install before sending a watch.
  3. My service fee does not include new movement parts that need to be replaced during the service.
  4. I will replace parts up to a small amount (+/- 60$) if the price of parts is higher i will contact you.
  5. Included in full service is a strip down of the movement, replace worn out or broken parts, clean, re-build, oiling and regulation on timegrapher and winding machine.
  6. After movement is serviced there is a slight possibility it wont run to an acceptable standard. If that is the case i will work with you to find a solution. (New movement swap for example) But this will have to be paid for. ( Inspection cost of old movement and swap cost of new movement)
  7. Replica movements are not manufactured to the same standard as genuine. I try my best to regulate them to -10s/d / +10s/d.
  8. Date change -10min/+10min midnight.
  9. Any movement, I replace, will be added to my parts bin, if you want it back please inform me about it in the note you send with the watch.
  10. Waterproof test* - greasing all the gaskets with premium moebius gasket grease and waterproof test to 3/5/10atm*
  11. Even if the watch pass waterproof test i wont guarantee that it is water resistant. Those are reps and there is always a risk so please keep that in mind.
  12. I will cover the watch with a 3 month warranty when serviced as standard. If I feel movement is in good shape i might extend my warranty to 6 or 12 months. It will be specified on the warranty card included.
  13. I wont cover shipping cost on any warranty work (back and forth). Customer is responsible for any shipping cost and insurance.
  14. I don't offer refunds on serviced movements even if they wont work properly after servicing, I will try to fix it instead or work with you on a replacement.
  15. My turnaround time is 3-4+ months, but might take longer depending on my work load, and please understand there is life behind watches so things can take longer. If you want rush service or cant wait, please contact someone else. I'm working on a lot of projects at once so updates are done when they are available. Please don't ask and wait patiently.
  16. I do not cover any water damage after watch has been tested and passed pressure test, swim at your own risk.
  17. I don't cover a broken insert during installation or removal, those are fragile pieces especially custom/replica inserts.
  18. Dial shaving - this is super delicate work and might result in dial damage, while i have skill, tools and knowledge it's possible the dial will be damaged, i only accept dial shaving work if customer won't hold me responsible for the damage. 
  19. Plated watches will be covered for defects such as flaking of the plating or discoloration, any mechanical damage or wear will not be covered.
  20. If there is any problems with the watch due to my work I'll try to fix it and please inform me about it via PM or email.

WATER RESISTANT TESTING - This is a test only and performed after the seals are lubricated. It does not include leak tracing or repair. Those services are additional parts and labor. The cost doesn't guarantee that your watch will pass the test. 

I test with Swiss made Witschi Proofmaster Pro testing instrument that measures case deformation under pressure and provides printout of the test results. Photos will also be included.

NOTE:  A watch that passes this test only confirms that it is water resistant here in my work shop at the time the test was made. It is not a guarantee your watch will be water resistant in any way. I assume all risks when i swim with my personal watches and you will be assuming the same risks if you swim with yours. No warranty given or implied.

PLATING - All my platings are done using state of the art professional system with professional plating station and solutions. Clean jars, fresh and proper washing cycles and proper temperature is always maintained. Each plated part is coated with approximately 2.5 microns of hardened gold layer. Plating work is only offered on Stainless steel pieces and only in one tone. No selective plating is offered at this moment. I can plate in full: bracelets / cases  / bezels / crowns / casebacks. Two colors are offered - 18k yellow gold and mixture that mimics white gold. 


WARRANTY - I will do my very best to perform quality repair on your watch. However i cannot guarantee unreliable replica or custom parts that are not made to Swiss standards. Please be realistic. If the fault is a result of my service i will fix it. I cannot be held responsible if the fault is the result of poor manufacturing.

Warranty work covers labor and not replacement parts, and is void if modification or repairs are done by someone else during warranty period.

Deviations in regulation are not covered by warranty. Clone movements are simply not build to Swiss standards.

Any evidence of tampering voids the warranty.

Warranty exclusions: abuse, shock, water damage.

Bracelets, crystals crowns, stems, bezels, inserts, balances are not covered by the warranty.

NOTE: Please keep in mind replica or custom watches are manufactured to much lower standards than their genuine counterparts and even serviced movement can break or not perform as good. Custom or replica movements are also a lot more difficult to work on. Please be reasonable with expectations, i always do my best. If for any reason movement won't work as should after service I'll try my best to fix it. If for some reason i decide its not cost effective to fix it i will suggest movement swap which i shall do for free but parts have to be covered by customer.

Sending me your watch you automatically agree to these terms.



--- Pricing ---

(Prices are not final and can change at any time, old work orders will be charged a with a current prices)

  •  Full tear down and service:
  •  - 2824/2836/6497 280$
  •  - 3130/3135/3185/3186/3235 370$
  •  - 4130/4131 420$
  • - Movement inspection - 70$
  • - Pressure testing up to 10 ATM - 50$
  • - Movement regulation - 45$
  • - Movement swap - 120$
  • - Dwo installation/regulating - 100$
  • - Dial installation - 100$
  • - Resetting hands - 50$
  • - Crystal installation - 80$*
  • - Crystal installation CF GMT 100$*
  • - Insert installation - 70$**
  • - Insert installation CF GMT 100$**
  • - Plastic crystal repolishing - 40$
  • - Case repolishing/rebrushing - 150+$
  • - Bracelet repolishing/rebrushing - 150+$
  • - Case tube retapping - 70$
  • - Stem replacement - 25$
  • - Rotor silencing - 40$
  • - Keyless reset - 50$
  • - Dial shaving* - 100$
  • - Markers reattaching 80$
  • - Hand tube tightening 10$
  • - Broken screw extraction - 50$ and up.
  • - Strap/braclet change - 10$
  • - Ultrasonic braclet cleaning - 10$
  • - Bezel gold plating 120$
  • - Watch case / bracelet plating 420$
  • - Custom build or modding - price to discuss.


All the watches and parts MUST be sent with a piece of paper enclosed with the following information:

  • -Your name
  • -Return shipping address
  • -Forum or Reddit username
  • -Work requested 
  • -Order ID number (from my website)
  • -Email address
  • -Phone number

Please print the note on a printer or write as clearly as you can so that there is no mistakes.

Please send watches in bubble wrap or other disposable package.

I will not return watch boxes that wont fit a small flat rate USPS box.

Watches will be send back using USPS priority mail securely packed and the cost to ship it back is 15$ (Conus).

I ship UNINSURED unless you notifie me in the note shipped with the watch.

I don't take any responsibility of the lost package during the shipping or any damages, this include shipping to me and back.

I won't take any responsibility for loss, theft, or damage. Any loss or damage recovery from the carrier is your responsibility. 

I have extensive surveillance around my place so i know if anything was delivered or not.

You as the customer assume 100% of the responsibility of shipping and return shipping of your watch.

You as the customer assume 100% of the responsibility of shipping and return shipping for service and warranty work.




  • Payment for the work is done after completion.
  • Payment have to be made in full before i ship the watch back.
  • Accepted payment method is PayPal friends and family.
  • Payment is required in reasonable time after work completion, balances not paid within 3 months after work has been finished may result in selling of the watch or other parts to recoup costs. 


If you have any questions please let me know.

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***Not affiliated with Rolex Watch, U.S.A., Inc***


Sending me your watch you automatically agree to all of the terms listed here.